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Global Suspense

To create a suspense entry, click the Processing slider on the shortcut bar, click Transaction (or select Processing > Transaction from the navigation menu)select Processing > Transaction from the shortcut bar then click Global Suspense on the toolbar on the ribbon bar.


A suspense account must be set up in order to create a suspense entry. See Suspense Account on how to create a suspense account.

In the Global Suspense dialog, set the loan group to which this suspense item belongs, the effective date, GL date, payment method, payment method reference, and amount. Use the Notes field for any pertinent information for the suspense item. Click Attach Image to choose any images of the suspense item.

Transaction Entry

The suspense item can be used in a transaction entry by selecting From Global Suspense in the Payment Method drop down list. A list of all available suspense items will be displayed. Click to highlight the item to use and click OK to apply the item to the loan.

When the transaction is applied to the loan, the original effective date, GL date, payment method, and payment method reference will be transferred to the payment.

Reverse Payment

NLS 5.21 and later

When the Transaction Type is Reverse Payment, an option to apply the reversal to global suspense will become available.

Select Reverse into Global Suspense to apply the reversed payment to the configured global suspense of the loan group. The original payment method and reference will be retained.

Security for this feature is configured in Loan > Transaction Entry > Reverse Payment > Allow Reverse into Global Suspense.

Global Suspense List

To see a list of global suspense entries, click Global Suspense List.

NLS 5.18 and later

To save the global suspense list to a CSV file, click Save.
Branch Applied column shows the branch that applied the funds to a loan.
Branch Received column shows the branch that added the funds to the global suspense.

NLS 5.20 and later

To delete a global suspense entry, right-click on the item and select DELETE. If the global suspense is a cash or check transaction type and cash drawer is enabled, the currently open cash drawer will be affected.
Deleted global suspense can be undeleted by right-clicking on the deleted item and selecting UNDELETE. If the global suspense is a cash or check transaction type and cash drawer is enabled, an option to apply the amount to the currently open cash drawer will be presented.

NLS 5.21 and later

To edit a global suspense entry that has not been applied or deleted, click Edit Suspense to make the necessary changes.

Security privileges for the global suspense list is located in Loan > Processing > Batch Transaction Entry > Global Suspense > View Global Suspense List in the user/group privileges.

Updated: 2020.07.02

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