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NLS Interface

Merge Fields for Word Reports

These are the NLS fields you can use to merge into a Word generated report. Create a Word document (not a mail merge document) and enter the fields by typing CTRL-F9 (this enters the curly brackets) and then entering the merge field command and the appropriate field name (exactly as listed below). Word limits you to a maximum of 63 unique fields per document. Refer to the NLS User Guide, Word Help, and the Microsoft web site for more information on merging and adding Word reports to NLS.


{ MERGEFIELD city } will insert the contact’s city into your document.

See the section on Mail Merge Switches for more information.

Contact (CIF) Merge Fields

cifno home1_phone all_cif_detail_udf
cifnumber home2_phone all_cif_demo_udf
setupdate home_fax_phone all_cif_financial_udf
cif_shortname business1_phone company
lastname1 business2_phone salutation1
firstname1 mobile_phone salutation2
middlename1 pager_phone suffix1
lastname2 other_phone suffix2
firstname2 all_phones title1
middlename2 email title2
mail_name1 cif_tin email1
mail_name2 cif_entity email2
street_address1 cif_officer cif_tin1
street_address2 cif_detail_01cif_detail_50 cif_tin2
city cif_demographics_01cif_demographics_50 web_address
state cif_financial_01cif_financial_50  

Loan Merge Fields

loan_number current_payoff_balance mobile_phone
acctrefno current_perdiem pager_phone
loan_shortname current_suspense other_phone
loan_name total_current_due_balance all_phones
loan_entity total_past_due_balance email
loan_tin addonint_total cif_tin
loan_type addonint_remaining cif_entity
loan_group cifnumber cif_officer
loan_class1 cif_setupdate company
loan_class2 cif_shortname salutation1
input_date lastname1 salutation2
status_code firstname1 suffix1
loan_officer middlename1 suffix2
collection_officer lastname2 title1
starting_interest_rate firstname2 title2
current_interest_rate middlename2 email1
next_rate_change_date mail_name1 email2
curr_date mail_name2 cif_tin1
curr_maturity_date street_address1 cif_tin2
payoff_date street_address2 web_address
last_activity_date city mailname_and_address
interest_paid_thru_date state name_and_address
principal_paid_thru_date zip amortized_payment_amount
interest_accrued_thru_date country all_loan_detail1_udf
original_note_amount home1_phone all_loan_detail2_udf
current_note_amount home2_phone loan_detail1_01loan_detail1_50
current_principal_balance home_fax_phone loan_detail2_01loan_detail2_50
current_interest_balance buisness1_phone
current_fees_balance business2_phone

Statement Merge Fields

mailname_and_address suffix2 payment_description
name_and_address title1 payment_amount
cifno title2 payment_paid
cifnumber cif_tin1 payment_remaining
cif_shortname cif_tin2 maturity_date
lastname1 loan_officer minimum_payment_amount
firstname1 loan_number credit_line_limit
middlename1 loan_tin balloon_payment_amount
lastname2 statement_date balloon_payment_date
firstname2 statement_due_date amortized_payment_amount
middlename2 current_rate last_payment_amount
mail_name1 total_past_due_bal last_payment_date
mail_name2 total_current_due_bal extra_line_if_duedate_changed
street_address1 original_note_amt skip_tot_payments
street_address2 current_note_amt this_period_advances
city current_principal_bal this_period_payments
state current_interest_bal this_period_interest
zip current_fees_bal this_period_fees
country current_late_charge_bal this_period_late_charges
entity_type current_payoff_bal this_period_debit
company current_perdiem this_period_credit
salutation1 addonint_total this_period_udf_1this_period_udf_10
salutation2 addonint_remaining this_period_number_of_days
suffix1 date_due item_date_order_descending

Updated: 2019.03.22

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