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NLS Interface


Setup reports contain information on the global configuration of your Nortridge Loan System.

The sub-categories of Setup are:


Available Reports List of reports loaded into NLS. Includes standard reports as well as any custom reports that have been added.
Contact Setup Codes List of the contact setup codes along with the contact count for each code. Inclusion of each of the two sections is optional. Page break option allows each section to be placed on a new page.
Group Privileges Shows security privileges for Groups.
Loan Groups List of loan groups with GL Placeholders tab and Participation/ACH tab.
Loan Setup Codes List of loan setup codes. The inclusion of each section is optional. Page break option allows each section to be placed on a new page.
Loan Template Setup Report List of loan templates.
Scheduled Reports List of reports scheduled to run on their own in NLS.
Script Location Report List of scripts associated with events in Contact Types, Contact UDFs, Loan Portfolios, Loan UDFs, and Collateral.
Security Groups List of security groups with users belonging to each.
Security Privileges Shows security privileges for Users. Can include sum of user privileges and group privileges. Can also show all privileges allowed when user is set to DBA.
Transaction Codes List of standard and/or manual transaction codes as specified in Loan Setup.
User Defined Fields List of user-defined field definitions. Excel output includes table name and column name where the user-defined field data can be found.
User List List showing users, date entered, and user options with date range of date entered.

Updated: 2018.04.02

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