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Viewing a Loan

Loans can be accessed from the Loan Query Screen or the Loan View.

To locate a specific loan record, you may enter a search criteria for the loan, or you may select the loan that you want from the Search Tree.

NLS 4.10.8 and laTer

Querying by Status Code

Status codes can be included or excluded in the loan query screen by selecting the status code to be included or excluded in the Status Codes drop down list. Click the checkbox to toggle between ignore, include, and exclude.

Ignore Status code is not used in the search criteria.
Include Loans with the selected status code is specifically included in the search result.
Exclude Loans with selected status code is specifically excluded from the search result. Excluded status codes are shown within [brackets] in the Status Codes field.

NLS 5.6 and later

Right click and select Check All to select all status codes, Uncheck All to deselect all status codes, or Exclude All to exclude all status codes.

NLS 5.4 and later

Click the AND/OR button to toggle between matching all (AND) of the selected status code query criteria or any one (OR) of the selected criteria.

To load all of the loans into the Search Tree, click .

You may select any loan in the Search Tree by clicking on it. This will cause the information for that particular loan to be loaded onto the Loan Query Screen and all of its tabs.

To clear the search result, click Clear Query Clear Query or hit F5 on the keyboard.

To run a narrower search, type a search criteria into one or more of the fields in the loan view area and hit Enter or click Get Query Get Query. Only loans that match all of the specified criteria will be loaded into the Search Tree.

NLS 5.6 and later

Click Advanced Global Search to open a dialog to search only in one particular field.

Enter a search criteria into one of the fields and click Search to search only in that one particular field.

For information on increasing the efficiency of your searches using Metacharacters, see Search Criteria Metacharacters.

Saving Query Criteria

Query criteria can be saved for easy searches in the future. After performing a search, click on the search field and select Save last query criteria or click . Enter a name for the query criteria in the blank field provided.

Once a query is saved, it will be listed in the search field drop down list. Select the saved query criteria to perform a query based on the saved criteria.

The saved criteria listing order can be rearranged by clicking the arrow icons shown to the right of each criteria. The criteria can be deleted by clicking .

Clicking will prevent the criteria from being seen by other users. These criteria are labeled as being private.

Click to create groups to organize the criteria list. Criteria can be placed in a group by using the arrow icons to move them under the group name. Groups can be collapsed and expanded as needed to hide or show its content.

Advanced Query

Additional search options are available by clicking Advanced Query ....

Interest Only Period Match loan that has the Beginning Interest Only Period option selected.
Parent of Shadow Loan Match loan that is a parent of a shadow loan.
Part. Ref# Match loans with the specified participation reference number.
Part. Number Match loans with the specified participation number
Shortname Match loans with the specified shortname of a participant.
Loan Group Match participation loans belonging to the specified loan group.
CIF-Loan Relationship
CIF Refno Match loans with the specified CIF Refno.
Contact Number Match loans with the specified contact number in its contact-loan relationship.
Relationship Match loans with the selected contact-loan relationship code.
Transaction History

Click to specify search criteria pertaining to the past transactions made on the loan.

Payment History

Click to specify search criteria pertaining to the past payments made on the loan.

Promise To Pay

Click to specify search criteria pertaining to promises to pay on the loan.

Next Impound Analysis Date Match loans with the specified date (MM/DD/YYY) for its next impound analysis.

Updated: 2020.01.24

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