Borrower Portal (LEGACY)

Log In Procedures

When a borrower clicks the log in link that you have placed on your website, a login dialog will be displayed.

If this borrower has never logged into their loan on your website before, they will need to click Register for New Account.

The user will fill in the fields on this form to create their account on your website. This will populate the web credentials data in the user’s contact.

The user will pick from an available list of identifying questions, and provide the answers to those questions. These may be used by the website to identify the user.

If the user’s account name, password, or answer to the identifying question are not recognized, the user will be given another opportunity to log in.

Clicking Forgot Password on the main log in screen will cause the user’s password to be set to a new value, which will then be automatically sent to the email address on file.

Upon a successful log in, the user will be taken to the Accounts Menu and the Balances Screen.