Preferences Menu


If you have borrowers with multiple loans, they may find it easier to tell their loans apart on your website if they are allowed to give each loan a unique nickname, rather than having to remember each of their loan numbers. For example, a borrower may configure their loans within the website so that one loan is called “Mortgage” while the other loan is called ”Credit Line.” This nickname will show when they look at their list of loans, thus making it easier for the borrower to distinguish between them.

The nicknames are configured on the Nicknames tab under the Preferences menu.

Change Password

The borrower may change their website password from the Change Password tab of the Preferences menu.

The borrower will need to enter their old password correctly, then enter their desired new password twice before submitting the change.

Security Settings

The Security Settings tab of the Preferences menu will allow the borrower to change the list of security challenge questions and the answers that are saved for their website account.