Web Portals

See the section on Borrower Portal (2020 Release) for setting up the new Borrower Portal.

Setting up the Borrower Portal (LEGACY)

  • Set up NLS Web Services in IIS. NLS Web Service version 4.6.11 or higher is required for the Borrower Portal to function correctly. Please contact Nortridge Support to obtain the required Borrower Portal Template.
  • Set up a user in NLS using the same credentials that were used to set the identity in the application pool that NLS Web Services is using.

    In the following example the application pool is set up using “nls\user” as the identity .

    In NLS, create a new user using exactly the same user name used for the Application Pool identity. The User Signon must match the Application Pool identity. The user must also have DBA Privileges selected.

  • Open the Web.Config file located in the BorrowerPortal folder and edit the parameters as follows:

    • Modify the mail settings portion to use your SMTP server as a means of sending emails from the borrower portal. Change the host and port attributes to the appropriate values.

          <network host="smtp.nortridge.com" port="25" defaultCredentials="false" enableSsl="true"/>
    • Modify the app settings element:
      • The key DBType should be set to the type of database NLS is running on.

      • For the key Database set the value attribute to your NLS database name.

      • For the key DBServer set the value attribute to the server where the database is stored.

      • The key RememberMeExpiration is used to set the amount of time in days that the remember me cookie will be active in the browser.

      • The key PasswordRequiredCharacters key is used to set the required characters that are needed when a user sets a password. In this case one of the following characters is needed when setting the password: “!@#$%^*”

      • The keys PasswordMinLength and PasswordMaxLength are used to validate the user’s password length when adding a new one.

      • The Email key is the email address that the password reset email will be sent from and any payment processing errors will be sent to.

      • The key WebServiceUrl is the direct URL to where your NLS web services is hosted. Note: make sure that the URL points to the service.asmx page.

      • The key WebServiceUsername will need to be added if your web service is hosted on CyberRidge.

      • The key WebServicePassword will need to be added if your web service is hosted on CyberRidge.

      <add key="DBType" value="MSSQL"/>
      <add key="Database" value="database_name"/>
      <add key="DBServer" value="server_name"/>
      <add key="RememberMeExpiration" value="30"/>
      <add key="PasswordRequiredCharacters" value="!@#$%^*"/>
      <add key="PasswordMinLength" value="8"/>
      <add key="PasswordMaxLength" value="12"/>
      <add key="Email" value="email@email.com"/>
      <add key="WebServiceUrl" value="http://webservice.com/Service.asmx"/>
      <!--If web service is on cyberridge then add login credentials here-->
      <add key="WebServiceUsername" value="WebServiceUserName"/>
      <add key="WebServicePassword" value="WebServicePassword"/>

    In the application setting section of the configuration file, the URL value must be updated to the URL of your NLS Web Services. Note: make sure that the URL points to the service.asmx page.

        <setting name="BorrowerPortal_NLSWS_Service" serializeAs="String">
  • Setting up Borrower Portal site

    • Copy the BorrowerPortal folder and its entire content to your C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.

    • Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager app and right-click on Sites in the left panel. Then click Add Web Site….
    • In the Add Web Site window, enter the name of the site, the physical path where the Borrower Portal package is located, and the binding information. Use the same Application pool that was used to set up the NLS Web Service.

    • Once all the information is entered, open up your web browser and navigate to the URL you specified in the web site setup. The borrower portal login screen should be displayed.

  • To set up the credentials to log into a user’s account, open up the desired contact record in NLS. Click on View > Web Credentials to open up the web credentials settings. Enter the desired username and password, along with the two security questions, then select the Enable Web Access checkbox.