Using Payix with the Borrower Portal

To process card payments with Payix through the borrower portal, a unique Payix configuration for use specifically with the borrower portal should be created in Setup > Loan Setup > Automated Payments > Card.

All of the data entered here, except for the WebPay URL, is irrelevant as all of the credential required to access Payix will be obtained from the appssetting.json file, covered below, in your borrower portal installation. For the WebPay URL, make sure the string “payix” is included in its definition.

Next, a loan group must be configured or created in Setup > Loan Setup > Loan Group to use the Payix account created above.

Any loan belonging to the configured loan group will now be able to apply payments through Payix.

Update the Borrower Portal appsetting.json file

Borrower Portal 3.0

As of version 3.0, this step is no longer required as the values are read from the NLS Setup.
Username Username used to authenticate Payix Payment Gateway requests.
Password Password used to authenticate Payix Payment Gateway requests.
AllPaymentMethodsUrl The all-payment-methods Payix API URL.
CreatePaymentTokenUrl The create-payment-token Payix API URL.
MakePaymentUrl The make-payment Payix API URL.
    "Payix": {
        "Username": "payixuser",
        "Password": "password",
        "AllPaymentmethodsUrl": "https://payix/",
        "CreatePaymentTokenUrl": "https://payix/",
        "MakePaymentUrl": "https://payix"