Cash Flow Reports

The Cash Flow Report will produce a Microsoft Excel XML spreadsheet which shows the projected income from the current loans in the system according to the parameters set by the user. To run the Cash Flow Report, click Cash Flow Reports in the Reports slider of the shortcut barclick Reports in the shortcut bar and select Cash Flow , this will bring up the standard report parameters interface. The selection parameters function in the same manner as the standard NLS reports.

NLS 5.13 and later

The cash flow report will open in an external application that is configured to open .xml files on the computer where NLS is running. Open the CashFlow.xml file in Microsoft Excel to view it as a formatted table. The CashFlow.xml file is, by default, saved in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NLS\temp.


A projected 6-month cash flow report for a loan with deferred May and July payments.

NLS 5.22 and later

Cash flow reports may be scheduled to run via NLS Service by right-clicking on a stored parameter and selecting Schedule in Service.