Contact Portfolio

Reports in the Contact Portfolio category contain information on multiple contacts. Unless the parameters of the report are constrained so that only a single contact is selected, information relating to multiple contacts may appear on the same page.

The sub categories of Contact Portfolio reports are:

Balance Reports

Reports in this sub-category:

Contact Balance Report Shows current principal balances of all loans belonging to each contact record.

Contact Forms

Reports in this sub-category:

Contact Mailing Labels Prints one label for each contact record using the selected Avery label format.

Contact Reports

Reports in this sub-category:

Contact Credit Line Report Report showing credit line limit and current principal.
Contact Graph Bar Graph showing number of contacts or contact UDF value (integer) sums on Y-Axis and contact attributes (entity, contact type, officer, or state) or contact UDF values on X-Axis.
Contact Portfolio Report Report showing standard contact fields.
Contact Report Builder Standard customizable contact report using parameters to construct the PDF layout.
Contact Web Credentials A report showing which contacts have web credentials and their usernames.
Relationship Report Report shows contacts, contact to contact relationships, loans, and contact to loan relationships.
Temporary Notes Report showing the temporary notes added to contacts.