Contact Query

To locate a specific contact record, you may enter a search criteria for the contact, or you may select the contact that you want from the contact tree bar.

To load all contacts into the tree bar, click Get Query Get Query. A list of every contact in the database will be loaded into the contact tree bar. Click on any one of the contacts listed in the tree bar to display information for that particular contact.

To clear the search result, click Clear Query Clear Query or hit F5 on the keyboard.

To run a narrower search, type a search criteria into one or more of the fields in the contact view area and hit Enter or click Get Query Get Query.

NLS 5.6 and later

Click Advanced Global Search to open a dialog to search only in one particular field.

Enter a search criteria into one of the fields and click Search to search only in that one particular field.

NLS 5.26 and later

Searches can be restricted to one particular branch by selecting the branch from the Search by Branch drop down list. This is available only when Branch is enabled and this option has been enabled in Setup > Contact Setup > Defaults > Miscellaneous.


To run a query of all contacts where the last name begins with the letter A, click Name and enter A in the Last name field of the Full Name window. Click OK. Click Get Query Get Query to bring only those contacts where the Last Name begins with A into the tree bar.

For more information on increasing the efficiency of your contact searches, see Search Criteria Metacharacters.