Credit Line Summary

To view the credit line summary, query a Line of Credit Loan. Select the View > Loan Setup menuClick the Loan tab on the ribbon bar and click Loan Setup . Then, click … to the right of the credit line field.

The picture above shows the credit line summary for a Line of Credit Loan on which the credit limit has originally been set to zero. For a plain Line of Credit, where the credit line is not divided up into separate reserve elements, the credit limit will be entered into the credit limit field of the loan setup screen, and would appear here as the main credit line.

To add additional credit lines (a loan where all of the credit is broken up into various reserves will often have no Main Credit Line) click Add to configure the detail of the specific credit line. When you add a credit line, you will need to link that credit line to a specific transaction code for a draw so that when a draw occurs, the funds are automatically taken from the correct credit line reserve.