Document Mappings

Use of document mappings is optional but exists in order to allow the user to use existing document template reports in NLS with minimal modifications.

This feature allows the use of document template tags other than those that are defined in the NLS keywords. If you have a Word document with tags already programmed, and those tags correspond to keywords from the NLS database, but the actual tag is not identical to the keyword, you may map your existing tags to the keywords through the Document Mappings screen of the Document template setup.

To add a mapping, right-click and select Add new. Click in the Document Tag cell and type the tag as it appears in your word document. Then click in the NLS Tag cell and type in the corresponding NLS keyword tag.

Mappings may be added to an individual document template, or may be added globally so that they may be used by all document templates. To add a mapping globally, click next to Global mappings at the bottom of the Document Templates setup screen.