NLS 5.22 and later

The Contact’s Identity tab is used for keeping track of a borrower’s various forms of identification which are required to be validated for the Customer Identification Program (CIP) when opening a new account or loan.

This feature is enabled in Setup > Contact Setup > Defaults > Identity.

The functions of the buttons are:

Add Add Add a new CIP identity.
Modify Modify Edit the selected identity.
Attach Attach Attach images/scans of identifying documents.
Delete Delete Remove the selected identity.

The business rule determining the number of primary and secondary IDs required to open a new loan is configured in Setup > Loan Setup > Defaults > Identity. The business rules available are:

  • None – No minimum requirement is imposed.
  • Rule 1 – If no primary ID is provided, require at least two secondary IDs.
  • Rule 2 – Always require at least two primary IDs.

Identity Setup

The list of items for Identification source, Reason for accepting form with different name/address, and Reason for not using primary form are configured in Setup > Contact Setup > Identity.

Click to configure the respective selection list.

ID Type (5.24)ID Type (5.22)Name/AddressPrimary Form

The functions of the buttons are:

Add Add Add a new item to the list.
Modify Delete Remove the selected item from the list.
Attach Move Up Move the selected item up in the list order.
Delete Move Down Move the selected item down in the list order.