Linking Transaction Codes for Draws to Specific Credit Lines

When breaking up a credit line into multiple credit line reserves, it is necessary to create different transaction codes for the different types of draws. Linking each credit line reserve to a separate transaction code will make the draws automatically come from the correct part of the credit line.

A manual transaction code which is set up to represent a certain type of draw should have a transaction classification of advance, and should generally increase the loan balance of Principal.

When adding a credit line reserve to a Line of Credit Loan, a list of the available transaction codes will appear in the credit line detail. Check the transaction code to be used as the draw transaction for this reserve, and any time that particular transaction code is run on the loan, it will automatically draw from this reserve.

On any one loan, a particular transaction code may be used as the draw for only one reserve, so once a transaction code has been assigned to a reserve, that transaction code will no longer appear in the list of available transaction codes for the same reserve.