Loan Repo Components

The Loan Repo Components tab contains a list of fields which may be enabled for the repossession process.

Any fields that are not appropriate to the type of repossession action that is to be set up by this Repo Detail Task Relationship may be disabled and will not appear on the screen for this process.

Repo Details screen

The available standardized fields are:

Repo Fee
Closing Fee
Delivery Fee
Storage Fee Day
Repo Fee Invoice
Borr. Repo Fee (Label is modifiable)
Storage Fee (Label is modifiable)
Misc Fee 1 - Misc Fee 10 (Label is modifiable)
Transport Fee
Sale Proceeds
Sale Fees (Label is modifiable)
Sale Fees 2 (Label is modifiable)
Recondition Fee

For each of these fields, the following options may be set.

Label Text Predefined for all fields listed above except where indicated as modifiable.
Transaction Code Drop Down List Allows selection from the list of available transaction codes and defines which transaction code (if any) should be executed upon loan entry for the amount that has been entered in this field.
Default Amount Currency Allows setup of an amount to be in the field when the origination screen is first initiated.
Min Amount Currency Sets a minimum value limit on the field.
Max Amount Currency Sets an maximum value limit on the field.
Enabled Checkbox Selecting this checkbox on a field allows that field to appear on and be used by the Origination screen.