Reports in the Loan category contain information on individual loans. If the selection parameters used for the report are for multilple loans, then infromation on separate loans will be shown on separate pages.

The sub-categories of Loan are:


Commitment Payoff Notice Payoff Notice showing the balances due as of the payoff date entered for all loans under a commitment.
Confirmation Letter Confirmation Letter showing current principal balance and interest paid within a specified date range.
Coupon Book Loan Payment Coupon Book showing payments between dates or for entire loan term.
Payoff Notice Payoff Notice showing the balances as of the payoff date entered.

Loan Reports

Amortization Schedule Amortization Schedule for existing loans.
Loan Report Report showing standard fields and user-defined detail fields as one loan per page.
Simple Amortization Schedule Simple Amortization Schedule printed without accessing the Add Loan screen.

Loan Setup Reports

ACH Setup Report Report showing loans set up with ACH within the specified date range.
Credit Bureau Setup Report Report showing the setup for loans reporting to credit bureau(s).
Interest Only Term Report Report showing the date when regular repayment starts at the end of the interest only period.
Loan Setup Report Report showing loan setup fields.
Recurring Transactions Report showing how loans are setup for recurring transactions for loans opened in the date range selected.


Loan History Loan Transaction History with running principal balance.
Loan History Summary Loan Transaction Summary with running principal or loan balance. Each group of like transactions is summarized into a single line.
Loan Participant History Loan Transaction History showing only participated loans and participant transactions with running balance. Loan Group selection denotes participants to be shown.