Notifications are simple reminders that may be attached to contacts, loans, or collateral to remind users of events or tasks. Notifications may also be created without being attached to any NLS object. In that case, they are simply messages that will pop-up for a certain user at a certain time (like timed email).

To add a new notification, click New Notification on the toolbarribbon bar. Assign an owner, enter a due date, subject, and notes. Select Attach this notification to… to attach the notification to the currently selected contact, loan, or collateral.

Once a notification has been created, a notification window will appear for the specified user at the Due On time (or the next time the user logs in). The window may contain multiple notifications.

If the notification window is simply closed, the notification will re-appear at the top of the next minute. To be notified at a later time, select the desired amount of time to elapse before being notified from the drop down list and click Snooze.

Double clicking the subject of a notification will open the associated contact, loan, or collateral.

Right click on the subject of a notification to display the options for that notification:

Delete Delete the notification permanently.

Opens a window for reading and editing the notification.

Select Complete this notification to mark the notification as completed.
Select Delete this notification to permanently delete the notification. This option is only available for completed notifications.

Complete This will mark the notification as complete and you will no longer be notified but the notification will remain in your notification list.

The Inbox lists all notifications for all users. Use the Query Filter section to find notifications. Double-click on a notification to open the Modify Notification window.