Payment Gateway

NLS 5.20 and later

Payment Gateway setup has moved to Setup > Loan Setup > Automated Payments > Card > Gateway.

NLS 5.19 and later

Support for GENERIC has been added beginning with NLS 5.19.
Only the make payment functionality is supported at this time.

NLS 5.14 and later

Support for REPAY has been added beginning with NLS 5.14.

NLS 5.9 and later

Support for ACI has been added beginning with NLS 5.9.

NLS 5.8 and later

Support for Payix has been added beginning with NLS 5.8.

Before configuring the loan system to accept automated card payments, an account must be set up with Merchant Partners, Payix, ACI Worldwide, or REPAY. If you do not currently have an account, email to get that process started.

Once your payment gateway account is in place, you will have the information necessary to fill out the Payment Gateway Setup.

Go to Setup > System > Payment Gateway.

Click Add Add to add a new account.

NLS 5.19 and laterNLS 5.8 - 5.18NLS 5.7 and before

Select the payment processing company from the Payment Gateway drop down list and fill out the information provided by the respective service providers.

Click …, next to the Account Password field, to enter your password.

Click OK.

For information on how to link the gateway to the loan group, see Loan Setup: Loan Group.

For information on how to enter a card payment, see Transaction Entry: Card Processing.