Processing the Credit Bureau

The credit bureau data should be processed on a monthly basis. Running the processing of the credit bureau data generates the 24 month credit bureau history on each individual loan which is set up for credit bureau processing. The final month of this history is always the previous month, as each entry in the 24 month history indicates the loan’s past due status as of the last calendar date of that month. In addition, the credit bureau processing also creates the Metro 2 file that is to be sent to the credit bureaus. If after generating the data, you need to do overrides on individual accounts, and you need those overrides to be reflected in the Metro 2 file, you must re-run the processing after entering the overrides to create a new Metro 2 file.

To process the credit bureau, begin by selecting Processing slider from the shortcut bar and then click on the toolbar.

To process the credit bureau, click Processing > Transaction on the shortcut bar then click on the ribbon bar.

This will bring up a Create New Credit Bureau Batch wizard.

Enter a batch reference and set the batch date and deposit date. The user defined fields can be configured in Setup > Loan Setup > User Defined Fields for Form type of Batch Transaction.

Click Next>.

Select a Credit Bureau Header from the drop down list.

Click Next>.

Enter a path and file name where you wish to save the Metro 2 file.

Click Next>.

Click Finish.