Question and Answer

One of the most powerful differences between the Document Template method of creating a custom report through Microsoft Word and the Mail Merge method is the ability of a Document Template to be configured with various questions which must be answered by the user at the time the document is to be run, with the answers becoming potential fields which may appear in the document output.

To configure Questions and Answers, start by opening the document template setup in the NLS system setup.

Next, click to the right of the name of the document template.

To add a new question, right-click in the question window and select Add new.

Click on the Question field and type in a question as it is to be presented at the time the report is generated. Next, use the drop down list for Answer Type and choose a type of answer which will be accepted. Type the tag (or bookmark) as it was used for the control created in Word (e.g. Check1, Dropdown1…). Check the Required checkbox if the answer to this question is mandatory for the document to run. Lastly, if the answer type is a drop down list, click and enter the various elements which are to populate that list.

In the example shown, when the document is run, a question will appear on the screen “Who is the loan officer?” and the answer must be selected from a drop down list. That answer is assigned to a keyword defined by the tag “officer” which may be used in the setup of the word document. See Creating the Word Document.

If you need to pull a piece of data which is not available as a keyword, you may define a keyword using the Question and Answer setup and selecting the Answer Type of “USE SQL.” The SQL query that you write MUST be formatted in such a way as to return just one row of data, and this data will be assigned to the keyword defined by the question’s tag.

Clicking to the right of the question will bring up a dialog box which will allow you to set formatting parameters for the answer. The various formatting parameters available are dependent upon the Answer type being used.

Answer Types

Text Text entry field.
Numeric Numeric entry field.
Date Date entry field.
Drop Down Drop down list with user input.
Drop List Drop down list.
Check Box Check box.
Radio Group

Group of check box types. Check box types can be nested.

Right-click the Radio Group listing to add and manipulate items within the group.

Group A group of answer types.
Right-click the Group listing to add and manipulate items within the group.
SQL Statement Pull data using a SQL statement.

Click Options to display a window with various options.

Lock generated document Selecting this will cause the resulting document to be protected so that it cannot be modified by the end users.
Allow document viewing Selecting this enables a “preview” button. Clicking this button will allow the document to be shown on screen before being sent to the printer.
Allow email document Selecting this enables a field in the upper dialog for the entry of an email address. NLS will then call the default email program upon clicking OK. The document will be attached to the email.
Save to comments & documents after printing Selecting this will cause a copy of the document to be saved into comments and documents for the contact or loan from which the document is run.
Use SQL to determine if report is visible when viewed in individual report

Selecting this will cause an SQL query to execute to determine if a report should be visible when viewing Individual Report. Click to edit the SQL query.

Send generated documents to DocuSign5.15+
Selecting this will send a copy of the document to DocuSign. Only available for Loan Origination and Repo Origination template types.