Relationships Template

On the Relationships Template tab, you add the templates which represent various types of processes that you are designing. These may be loan origination, repossession, or bankruptcy processes. Within a specific template, you add the Relationship Codes which form the building blocks that fit together to make the process defined by the template.

Click Add Add to add a new relationships template.

After adding the template, right-click on RELATIONSHIPS to add the relationship codes that are needed for this process. From the top level, relationship codes of the following types which were added in the Relationships Code tab are available: Contact - Primary, Contact - Related, Loan Details, Collateral, Repo Details, Contact - Dealer, and User Defined Fields.

Relationship codes of types: Contact - Address Book and Credit Profile are added as a second layer below any Relationship Code of Type: Contact - Primary or Contact - Related. This is done by right clicking the code on which you wish to add the second layer code.

You control the behavior of these codes by configuring the Properties and Rules of each Relationship Code in the template.