Workflow Overview

A Workflow is a process by which a task may be passed through a pre-determined set of possible actions and outcomes.

If a task template has a workflow assigned to it, the current ownership of the task, either by individual or group, is determined by the setup of the workflow.

At the conceptual stage, a workflow generally begins as a flowchart on paper. Each possible action that may be taken by users with regard to the task must be configured as an Action Code. Each possible result of those actions must be configured as a Result Code. The Workflow Setup combines the actions and results, defining which possible results are appropriate to a specific action, what new action each result leads to, and who should be assigned the ticket at that point. This workflow setup is in many ways similar to the flowchart from which the workflow began.

When the workflow setup is complete, the workflow may be assigned to a task template. When a task is created with that template, the workflow will originate with the initial action as specified in the workflow setup.

An example of a customer service workflow is provided to help you with the workflow development process.